last night was a good night. and a bad night. but of course, the night is not over until good and bad and all that is in between has happened.

at five thirty, i got off my first day of working at the new pizza place. it’s so much like johnny’s pizza that i feel right at home. i walked out with fifty dollars in tips and i get five an hour so 35 dollars on the paycheck and fifty in cash, it was an 80 dollar day!

anyway, i came home right when Malta left for work. my feet were sore, it was raining outside, i was way too tired to do something productive so i just took a nap and when i woke up, there were people over, as always. Allen, one of my roommates, is currently producing a song for sweet Cam’s band. Sweet sweet Cam and his very interesting friends. Cam always brings around interesting people. Last nights people were quite entertaining. This one guy, Anthony, had a strong spanish accent and would take shots every ten or so minutes. so he took about nine shots that i counted, on top of that, four beers. completely unfazed by it, too. he told me and cory when we were doing some rounds about how he was stood up at his own wedding, about how he had a twin but he died by falling off the roof and social media is trying to make it out like he pushed his own twin brother off the roof. i ended up getting pretty tipsy with this kid and started taking bathroom selfies with him.

sometime around eleven, Ubie came over with the last of his bud and gave me a few grams for twenty. he told all of us that there was a reggae party just three minutes down the street but the guys were busy recording and cory had work in the morning and i was the only person down to go (it gets so boring around the house when the guys record. you have to be quiet as to not disrupt the session so you end up sitting in your room on tumblr or something). I knew Malta would be coming home at midnight but that felt like it was soooo far away. i just had to go out right then and there. so i texted him telling him where i was going and who i was with. Ubie is pretty sweet, but he’s still a guy and i didn’t want malta thinking i was running away with him or anything like that. of course, malta was bothered by that but i thought that he would come by the party anyways and get over it.

After Ubie picked up an ounce, we headed towards the party. we didn’t need directions to the house because we saw all these cars and people outside this nice two story antebellum house. the place was PACKED. it was a house show with live reggae music, two kegs, and a lot of smoke in the air. i said to Ubie “i don’t anyone at this party so I’m going to be attached to your hip tonight” and he said “that’s cool, man, i don’t anyone either. you can be my wingman”.

He managed to find someone he did know, a short but loud kid named Brandon, who was shitfaced but paid for most of the kegs so he let us have cups for free (the fee was five for guys). after twenty minutes, ubie and i were already three cups deep and feeling pretty drunk. ubie found a girl to talk to, some pink haired girl who’s name i forgot, so i gave them some space and found a smoke circle to chill with. Brandon was in this circle and he introduced me to his friends Mason and Ben. Brandon also had coke and was very generous with it within the circle. i told them i’ve never done coke before so he was extra generous with me.

needless to say, my drunk and coked up ass started dancing in the backyard. i’ve always assumed coke was just adderall times ten but it’s not. it was much smoother and i felt light, if that makes sense. i kinda like it but i can see how you can get addicted to it so easily, its fucking awesome. some girl started dancing with me. apparently, she took hit of acid for the first time and, in her words, felt ‘connected to my spirit’ so for a while it was just us two high as fuck girls dancing to the muffled music from in the house while a bunch of bystanders just circled around us.

at around two thirty, allen, cam, anthony, and jorge came around. cory and malta didn’t show up so i knew that i was in for it later on. not ten minutes later, ubie comes to us and tells us that the ambulance was coming for some girl and he, being nineteen, and i, being twenty, and the house, being full of drugs and underaged kids, didn’t feel like risking it so we dipped. somehow, ubie drove us home safely. i kept telling him ‘don’t tell malta i did coke, he’d get so pissed’ and he said he wouldn’t jeopardize our relationship like that but if i ever wanted to do more, to just hit him up.

the rest of the night wasn’t so cool. malta was pissed that i couldn’t have waited for him, that i went to a party with another guy, that i got drunk, etc. i understand why he’s pissed but i texted him before i went to the party to tell him what i was doing, not to get permission. i even gave him the address and told him multiple times to come after he gets off. but malta is malta for a reason. i hope he still isn’t mad at me though because we were doing so good! but next time there’s a party i will wait for him or make sure i bring cory with me.

but yeah, good night. today was boring as fuck. tomorrow i’m going to wake up early and clean and do productive shit.

food server problems.

1. When you ask the customer if they’re ready to order and they say ‘yes’ but then take ten minutes to decide on what to get. go ahead, lady, take your time, as you can see i only have five other tables to serve.

2. When you run a hot large pizza to a table that is covered with cups, plates, and other shit and the customers just look at you scorching your hands while they do nothing to clear the table.

3. When you have a handful of tables, food to be ran, orders to place in, and dishes to clear but you can’t do any of that because you’re on the phone waiting for the person on the other line to decide what to get. PLAN OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO EAT BEFORE YOU CALL IN!

4. When the customer gets made at you because they don’t like the food. Sorry, i didn’t make it. but if i did, it would probably have snot in it.

5. When you’re customer asks you what type of food you have. You’re at a pizza shop, idiot. We have pizza.

6. When a customer orders something that isn’t on the menu. ” i can i have baked garlic spaghetti” YOU’RE AT OUR HOUSE YOU PLAY BY OUR RULES.

7. BAD TIPPERS. you have enough money for a large pizza and garlic knots but not enough to show a little appreciation to the person you gave it to you. fuck you!

pizza shop food server problems





A man just walked past me and said “excuse me, but you look very nice tonight darlin” I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and walked off. And that is how you compliment a woman without harassing them

No, that is still unsolicited, and thus, harassment. No amount of “darlins” is gonna make me not want to punch your ass for coming on to me without provocation.






It’s ok yo be complimented!

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Final dropped some acid last night. It’s been months! Dropped it st 12:30 when Malta came home and watched Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’. What the fuck! I need to find out who animated the cartoon segments. The night sky was sparkling and the air was light. It was a smooth trip, indeed. Can’t wait for the next trip!

acid pink floyd the wall